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Homeowner’s insurance protects your property after an accident, theft, fire or other natural disasters. In addition to protecting your property, homeowner’s insurance provides coverage to the homeowner and family members for injuries arising from their negligent conduct occurring both on AND off the property. 

Whether you are buying a new home or simply interested in making changes to an existing homeowner’s insurance policy, it is important to know the types of property insurance coverage and benefits of each. 

Typical homeowner’s insurance covers your personal belongings, the structure of your home, and additional living expenses if the damage is such that you cannot live in the house while it is being repaired. Coverage applies for all accidental causes of the loss, and policies exclude coverage for intentional acts where the loss was intended, i.e., arson. 

Personal Property

Your personal property and belongings are listed under specific policy terms, and coverage varies based on what you elect to have. You can choose to have coverage that reimburses the replacement cost of the damaged or stolen property. Alternatively, you can have coverage that just covers the fair market value of those items at the time the loss occurs, which is usually significantly less—so choose wisely. 

Additionally, any significantly expensive item that you want to be insured against theft or damage should be addressed explicitly with your insurance carrier. The most common of which are engagement rings. Such items can be added to your homeowner’s insurance policy for a nominal fee to ensure you are covered.

Personal Liability Coverage

If someone is injured in an accident on, or even off your property, due to your negligence or a family member’s negligence, a homeowner’s policy provides coverage for such negligent acts. It protects you from paying damages out of pocket. This type of coverage can help protect you from lawsuits from unforeseeable harms that may occur on your property. Alternatively, if you are injured on another’s property, a homeowner’s policy provides a source of monetary compensation available to you.

We are frequently contacted by people that have been injured due to slipping, tripping, and falling while on the premises of another. You can find out more about claims involving slips, trips, and falls while on someone else’s property, and what you might be entitled to. 

Dog Bites

Personal liability coverage also typically covers dog bites, one of the more frequently seen injuries that trigger homeowner’s insurance coverage. If you are attacked or injured by a dog, even if that dog is not on the owner’s property, you could be entitled to coverage under the owner’s homeowner’s policy. This type of claim is something we frequently handle at Curcio Law, find out more about Dog Bite Claims here. 

Off-Premise Coverage

A Homeowner’s policy provides coverage for injuries caused by conduct which occurs off the premise. However, the typical homeowner’s policy excludes coverage for intentional acts where the harm was intended or likely foreseeable. It is important to note that homeowner’s insurance policies will include specific exclusions for any motor vehicle-related incidents and will not be covered. Find out more about insurance coverage for intentional acts that cause unintentional harm here. 

If you or someone you know has legal questions regarding a homeowner’s insurance policy providing coverage for injuries caused to you or a loved one, Curcio Law can help you navigate this challenging situation. Give us a call or text us at 703-836-3366, email, or visit


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