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Slip and fall on ice case settles for $100,000.00.

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According to published reports, in this Prince William County personal injury case the plaintiff fell on ice at the exit to a car wash. Precipitation had stopped the day before the accident and some of the ice was caused by run off from the car wash. The plaintiff claimed that the proprietor of the car wash had ample time to clear the ice. The plaintiff had $21,000.00 in medical bills resulting from a left ankle distal fibular fracture with open reduction and internal fixation. The case settled for $100,000.00.

Note from Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Ben Glass:

Most slip and fall cases are very difficult. This case appears to have been hard fought as the plaintiff has to prove that a dangerous condition existed and that the defendant had notice of the condition and an opportunity to prevent injury.

On the other hand, according to Virginia’s contributory negligence in personal injury cases law, if the victim is in any way at fault, she loses. This was a good result for the plaintiff.