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See, Insurance Companies Will Stop At Nothing–Absolutely Nothing to Delay and Hinder Justice

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Let’s say you are an insurance company that insures building owners. A major fire breaks out and three people die. They don’t die from burns, though…they die from inhaling the toxic smoke.

As the insurance company do you pay? Not if you are Great American Insurance Company.

Heck no.. you claim that since they died of smoke they "died of pollution" and you point to your great weasel clause (AKA the "fine print") that says you don’t cover injuries from pollution.

OK, get it?

Folks say that lawyers file frivolous cases and sometimes they do. But hardly anything is ever said about stupid, frivolous, time and money wasting defenses raised by giant insurance companies. The lawyers representing the insurance company must have thought long and hard before coming up with that defense.

But hey, ANY DEFENSE will do when you have no real defense.

Meanwhile the innocent families of the victims wait for justice.