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You Can Fight City Hall

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There is a great article in the Washington Post this morning about how one guy took on the government and won. It seems that Robert Eberth owned a car that he was saving for his son. He kept it parked and didn’t have it inspected.

While the car was parked on a private road at his housing complex it was ticketed by Prince William County police. Eberth thought that was wrong so he looked up the law. (Prince William County Code 13-222.)
What he argued was that state law only prohibits the operation of a car with an expired inspection ticket. The law doesn’t make it illegal to simply own a car with an expired inspection sticker.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

He fought and he fought and he fought and now the Virginia Court of Appeals has agreed with him.

HMMMMM, sounds like somebody owes lots of people REFUNDS!