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WhoCanISue.com Won't Attract Real Trial Lawyers

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Time Magazine has an article about a new attorney referral marketing website and Time is using it to take another shot at lawyers….and rightfully so this time…except that I don’t believe the website was built for real trial lawyers. I don’t think that any legitimate personal injury lawyer would sign up for WhoCanISue.com.

The WhoCanISue site looks like it was invented by tort reformers to have something else to shoot at (oh, I almost forgot, its election season…time to go lawyer hunting by some). I mean, what legitimate lawyer would pay $1,000 a month or more to be listed on a site that actually makes fun of lawsuits?

The tagline “The Legal Process Made Easy” is not one that any responsible personal injury lawyer would use because those legitimate injury attorneys who actually take case to trial (as opposed to spending millions on advertising to settle everything for 2 cents on the dollar) KNOW that litigation is not easy. They know that insurance companies have a huge advantage (more money, more time to wait for the results) in lawsuits and that litigation is plain tough.

Moreover, the graphic on the WhoCanISue webpage, a guy falling on a banana peel, is a ridiculous caricature of jokes made about lawsuits. No legitimate trial lawyer would head down that path.

What I find most interesting about the whole Time article is that Time is not allowing comments at its site about the article. Therefore Time is not allowing you to participate in the conversation. Wonder why that is? Could it be that Time has a vested interest in helping to promote a straw man and then taking shots at it?

Stay tuned.