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Virginia Police Shooting Case Heats Up

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The sad case of Salvatore Culosi, the local optometrist gunned down by a Fairfax County SWAT team last year when they went to arrest him for allegedly running a gambling ring got sadder as investigators confirmed that the SWAT team should never have been there for his arrest in the first place.

According to published reports, a police review says Fairfax County police went overboard in using a SWAT team to arrest Culosi.

The young optometrist died January 24th after being struck in the chest by a single bullet fired by police officer Deval Bullock.

Bullock has been disciplined and you can expect a major lawsuit to be filed. The Culosi family is represented by Alexandria Attorney Bernard DiMuro.

The report prepared and made public by officials just two days ago acknowledges that Culosi — an optometrist with no criminal record — was not a high-risk arrest.