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The Vanishing Trial?

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There is an interesting story in the November 29, 2006 edition of the Boston Globe’s website. It seems that the Boston Bar Association is trying to remedy the “problem” of few trials. The article says, “because of the high cost of going to trial, fewer of unpredictable juror verdicts, and other factors, many cases instead are being resolved through settlements, mediations, and arbitration, which litigants often prefer to the emotional ordeal of going to court.”

The Boston Bar Association expanded it’s “lawyer for the day” program at Boston Housing Court to include having lawyers try cases in court.

The article noted that an American Bar Association study found that the number of courtroom trials has decreased from 11.5 percent of all federal cases in 1962 to 1.8 percent in 2002.

Comment from Virginia Car Accident Attorney Ben Glass

One of the factors in play here is the extraordinary expense of bringing a case to trial. Doctors, including orthopedists and neurosurgeons charge an arm and a leg to appear. They are being squeezed by health insurance minimal reimbursements and often make more money coming to court for a morning than they do all day in the operating room. This forces settlements to occur and when cases are settled there are fewer trials.

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