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Store Owner's Duty to Use Safety Glass

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We Get Questions:

One of my sons were at a sports bar and a incident occurred inside with my youngest son. The manager on duty asked all parties to take it out side. My other son went out to make sure his brother will be OK. One of the other guys ran up and shoved my son through a plate glass window causing him to go to the Hospital and received 35 internal and external stitches. Should this plate glass window be required to safety glass? Your response and recommendation will be appreciated.

Ben’s Answer is Below

To answer the specific question, “no”, I don’t believe a shopkeeper has a duty in Virginia to make sure his window is some sort of safety glass.

A Virginia Judge/Jury would probably find that the cause of your son’s unfortunate injuries is whoever through him into the window. Then, in Virginia, if the jury found your son was even 1% responsible, he would likely be barred from recovery.

As always, this is general advice and my specific view of this case. You should always get another opinion from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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