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Rocket Ship Liability Crisis in Virginia

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Ok all you folks lining up to take sub-orbital space flights originating in Virginia–beware that if the rocket ship provider launching you atop a couple million gallons of explosive fuel screws up and kills you, you might not be able to sue them for their carelessness.

I kid you not. There is a bill that has been introduced in the Virginia General Assembly that would shield spaceflight entities providing spaceflight activities to any participant in a suborbital flight” from lawsuits, except for gross negligence.

While the bill is silly on its face, it does show the mounting problem of legislatures granting immunity for negligence and carelessness to special interest groups. After all, is there really a Rocket Ship Liability Crisis in Virginia?

Delegate Terry Kilgore is apparently responsible for this joke, but it is backed by The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS, get it?)