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Reason #25 for the high cost of medical care

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A former dentist from Pennington Gap has been found guilty by a federal jury of 10 felony charges, including racketeering and fraud.

According to officials with the office of U.S. attorney John Brownlee, 51-year-old Roy Shelburne has agreed to a forfeiture of a total of $200,000 to the federal government because of the conviction.

Shelburne is now facing a maximum penalty of a prison sentence of 120 years and fines of $1.25. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 9.

According to attorneys, since 1998, Shelburne had been billing insurance carriers and Medicaid for services that were never performed or were not necessary for his patients that were low-income and/or underage. In some cases, the procedures harmed their health.

According to the prosecutors, on some occasions, he would perform one dental procedure, but bill for a different one.