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More on the $67,000,000 Dollar Pants Case

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I know many are probably starting to read about the crazy lawyer (a judge, no less) who is suing a dry cleaners here in Washington, D.C. I’ve blogged about it (as have others) and it’s starting to pick up some national momentum.

Just wanted everyone to know that on the various lawyer listserves this guy is receiving universal condemnation! Since he is suing pro se, he’s actually a good example of how lawyers protect the system because no legitimate lawyer would have taken his case. (Maybe the reason he is pro se is that no one WOULD take his case.

Here’s one thought: Maybe he’s someone who is doing this IN ORDER TO PURPOSELY ATTEMPT TO HARM THE COURT SYSTEM. In other words, he’s doing this (and he continues, even though he’s getting all negative publicity) with the specific intent of making it harder for legitimate claimants to have their day in court.

A stealth plaintiff? Just a thought.