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Magnet Toy Danger-Voluntary Recall

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After 34 incidents, inluding at least one death, were reported to the Food and Drug Administration regarding “Magnetix” magnet sets produced by RoseArt Industires, the company has announced a voluntary recall of the product.

This product is not safe for children three and under.

A picture of the product packaging, together with more information on the recall, is available here.

I’ve seen a set of these magnets myself. They are pretty powerful and, if swallowed, can attach to each other in the stomach and make it even harder to get them out.

The company has said:

We were deeply saddened to learn of reports of children being harmed by ingesting small parts,” Bertrand said. “As the father of four children and as a member of the family that helped build this business, I am personally committed to safe and creative play experiences for children who use our products.”