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Josh Hancock lawsuit against bar would not fly in Virginia

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Apparently the father of Josh Hancock, the baseball player who died recently while driving drunk (and not wearing a seatbelt and talking on the cell phone) has filed suit against a number of entities, including the driver of the car that had stalled on the road, the pickup truck that had stopped to assist that car and the bar where Hancock spent several hours allegedly drinking. I don’t know what Missouri law is on the subject but that case wouldn’t make it out of the gate here in Virginia.

Here, if you are in any way, even one percent, responsible for your own mishap, you lose. In Virginia, even if the bar served him and he went out and killed someone else, that other person’s family wouldn’t win against the bar.

Not to minimize his death.. .his death is tragic…this lawsuit is silly.

Maybe his father’s time would be better spent telling his son’s story to a whole bunch of high school kids.