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Here's a Dumb Idea from New Jersey

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What better way to make sure that no doctor treats an accident victim than to tell doctors that their fees for accident cases are capped? This is what is being proposed according to a post at the on-line Insurance Journal.

For once I agree with the head of a medical society:

Michael Kornett, chief executive officer of the Medical Society of New Jersey, said blocking the price controls is the group’s top priority for the year.

“It’s very dramatic,” said Mark Manigan, a Roseland attorney who represents Alliance for Quality Care and Orthopedic Surgeons of New Jersey, both of which oppose the price caps.

OK, OK, so New Jersey drivers the most in insurance premiums of drivers anywhere.. maybe it’s because some of them are really bad drivers. Or maybe its because of New Jersey’s stupid no-fault laws (which do nothing but increase the cost of insurance.) But capping doctors fees, like capping attorney fees, is a dumb idea.