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Greedy Trial Lawyer Image Deserved?

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To a certain extent, some lawyers have made things even more difficult for the rest of us because of advertising that does not better than “I can shout louder and bolder than you can.”

Not knowing any better, frankly, they try to attract the attention of accident victims with ads flashing huge amounts of cash, showing gory accident scenes, or promising “quick and easy settlements.” This type of advertising sends shivers of joy down the spines of advocates for tort reform. After all, they don’t have to say “ambulance chaser” because the advertising already said it for them.

Hey, if we all did that, we would certainly deserve the moniker “Greedy Trial Lawyers.” Also, I have to say that the many of lawyers running this type of advertising aren’t even members of AAJ or their state trial lawyer association. They are takers, not givers.

Fortunately, the vast majority of trial lawyers that I know are conservative in case selection, painstakingly mindful of our image, and work very hard at leveling the playing field between innocent victims and the massively funded insurance companies and business interests.

A whole bunch of lawyers interested in really supercharging their marketing and practice-building will be gathering in Fairfax, Virginia later this month. That room is almost full but if you know any solo to small firm lawyers who are downright frustrated with their own marketing but don’t want to engage in sleazy tactics, send them for more information on our Marketing SuperConference.