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Fleet Bowel Prep Lawsuit for $10,000,000

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Norfolk, Virginia and AAJ member Jeffrey Breit has filed a $10,000,000 lawsuit against the manufacturer of Fleet’s bowel prep. The claimant claims Fleet’s store bought solution interacted with her high blood pressure drugs she was taking, causing kidney failure.

The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer

“had known for at least 12 years of the potential of the product to produce dehydration, renal failure and other complications when combined with certain blood pressure medications and diuretics,”

The lawsuit alleges that neither the product’s packaging nor its accompanying instructions warned of the potential problem.

“This is a clear case of negligence on the part of a large corporation that is more focused on protecting their best-selling product than protecting peoples’ lives,” said plaintiff’s attorney Jeffrey Breit of the law firm Breit Drescher & Imprevento, based in Norfolk, Va. “Instead of warning physicians and patients … about the dangers of their product, they chose to ignore the vast amount of information that indicated major problems so they could keep meeting their sales goals.”