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Dry Cleaner Judge Not Hearing Cases, But May Keep Job

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The judge who is suing the dry cleaners for $65,000,000 is no longer hearing cases, according to Marc Fisher’s column today in the Washington Post. Apparently his term has expired and he’s up for reappointment. According to the Washington Post columnist, though, Roy Pearson’s boss, the chief administrative law judge, Tyrone Butler had recommended approval of Pearson’s application:

Before the pants suit became a worldwide story, the city’s chief administrative law judge, Tyrone Butler, recommended approval of Pearson’s application based on his job performance, said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson and three other sources with direct knowledge of the recommendation.

an unnamed District of Columbia official has an interesting quote:

“Everyone agrees that to file a lawsuit asking for $65 million for a pair of pants is absolutely outrageous,” the D.C. official said. “But we are trying to keep that out of the discussion about reappointment. I don’t think it’s appropriate not to reappoint someone just because they file a lawsuit. You can’t retaliate against someone for exercising their constitutional, First Amendment right to file a lawsuit to vindicate their rights.”

Well, this isn’t about the First Amendment at all.. and it’s not about the FILING of a lawsuit. It’s about prosecution of that lawsuit…the claims made…and whether those claims are made pursuant to a good faith interpretation of the law or are made to harass.

I suspect that the lawsuit won’t be a stated factor in deciding whether to not reappoint Pearson. After all, the District doesn’t want to be the next defendant in one of his lawsuits.