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Death From Falling Soccer Goal

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As a life long soccer player and soccer referee for over 30 years, this story saddens me deeply.

Apparently another child has died from injuries sustained when a soccer goal tipped over.

The death of a 10 year old Winchester, Virginia soccer player happened just a couple of days ago.

The consumer product safety commission has long warned of the danger of soccer goals tipping over, yet even today some movable goals remain unanchored.

This recent tragedy has prompted Virginia State Soccer Referee Administrator, Scott Meyer, to issue the following directive to referees:

As this tragic incident shows, goals can tip over and players can be injured and players can be killed. It is everyone’s responsibility to see that this never happens again in any soccer match played in Metro DC and Virginia.

Referees, you must inspect the goals before every match to ensure they are securely anchored. Do not let a game be played if they are not anchored. Don’t let players hang on the crossbar.

Instructors, no matter how many times you think you have said it, say it again, ‘Referees must ensure that the goals are anchored.’ We need to reinforce the tragic lessons learned from this event.

Assessors, if you ever witness a game where the goals are not anchored, do two things: get the match stopped until the goals are anchored and then fail the referee.

Assignors, please communicate with all your referees. Remind them that they must inspect the goals and ensure they are securely anchored.

This is a zero tolerance area. We need to work as one unit to make sure we do what is right. The safety of the players is paramount. All of us must do our part to ensure that such a tragic incident never happens again.

We don’t know all of the facts from this very sad day in Virginia soccer but I do hope that going forward, parents, coaches and referees don’t sacrifice safety in order to “get the game played.”

The cost is too high.