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Ban Lawyer Ads in West Virginia?

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The Charleston (WV) Daily Mail continues to report on Senator Chafen’s efforts to rein in personal injury lawyer advertising.
Now, however, they’ve quoted him as saying that he “wishes the State Supreme Court would ban lawyer ads altogether.”

That’s nuts. Especially when coming from someone running one of the biggest personal injury law firms in West Virginia.

Yes, that’s right. The Senator trying to restrict lawyer advertising is a personal injury lawyer himself.

Just how credible is his call to ban lawyer ads?

Look, most lawyer ads simply aren’t that useful anyway. How can you differentiate amongst 10 ads that all say “cash, cash, cash” or my favorite, “we care for you?”

Consumers need to be responsible for their own choices. If you fall for the “Cash, Cash, Cash” type ads and find your self being represented by a lawyer who settles everything at 50 cents on the dollar, it’s your own fault.