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Another $67,000,000 Embarassment for Lawyers

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The Washington Post’s Marc Fisher has an article on the front section of today’s Metro section of a very disturbing tale of a lawyer (and judge, no less) who is making a mockery of the judicial process.

According to Fisher’s piece, Washington D.C. Lawyer and Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson took a pair of pants to a local dry cleaners for repair. When things didn’t turn out as he wanted he threatened a lawsuit.

Amazingly, the dry cleaners at one point offered as much as $12,000 to settle the case because it’s legal fees would exceed that. Pearson rejected that offer and has dragged the dry cleaning establishment through the “legal mud” in a lawsuit seeking $65 million dollars in damages, according to Fisher’s article.

This is disgraceful and only gives proponents of “lawsuit reform” fodder for their fire. Lawyers should and do condemn this type of lawsuit and gross abuse of the judicial process.

At some point, however, the trial judge may be in a position to sanction Judge Pearson for his actions. Hopefully so and I hope that Marc Fisher reports on that too.

Frankly, whoever monitors “administrative law judges” in the District of Columbia ought to take a look at the character of this man and investigate where he remains fit to be a judge.