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$1 Billion Lawsuit Filed

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Today’s headlines in national news reports a whopping one BILLION dollar lawsuit filed.

Gee…does that sound like too much? Should there be a cap on the recovery of the plaintiff?

Is this going to stifle business? Are insurance rates going to go up?

Is this a travesty?…. another case of some poor schmuck plaintiff bringing a biz to it’s knees?

Nah, it’s just Biz v. Biz

Viacom v. Google

You won’t be hearing any cries for “reform” over this one…. You see, in America..it’s only the most seriously injured human beings that have their verdicts cut by legislatures that are afraid of the insurance industry.

Biz v. Biz? Let em go at each other for a few years… enrich the mega law firms that will be representing these giants…then they’ll all settle and call it a day.