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Wrong Site Surgeries On the Rise!

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USA today is reporting a stunning statistic. Despite years of claims involving “wrong side” surgeries and all of the efforts that have (supposedly) gone into hospital procedure changes that would eliminate the risk that once you go to sleep the doctor operates on the correct body part, the number of medical mistakes is rising.

“It’s getting worse,” says Dennis O’Leary, who heads the non-profit Joint Commission on Accreditation of health care Organizations, which inspects more than 15,000 hospitals and surgical centers nationwide and sets patient safety requirements and guidelines

You can read the entire article on the stunning medical malpractice phenomenon here.

The article suggests that some physicians are simply ignoring protocol because they couldn’t believe that they could make “such a stupid mistake.”

My view is that physicians are humans. They do make mistakes and when their carelessness causes death or injury, there should be compensation paid to the victim. Simple as that.

Now, who thinks that if we make it increasingly difficult to sue doctors (they’ve virtually eliminated certain kinds of medical malpractice lawsuits in Texas) that this problem is going to bet BETTER?

Not on your life. Meritorious medical malpractice lawsuits are necessary and useful in forcing the medical profession to continually improve their systems, just like any other industry.