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Why Are Malpractice Cases Important?

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The medical profession doesn’t police its own very well.

In Alabama, a physician who has been named in 120 malpractice cases in West Virginia and two in Birmingham is finally facing the possibility of losing his license due to complaints from former patients, including one who was in a coma for 26 hours.

An attorney for Dr. John King was notified by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners that it has recommended that his license be revoked.

King has been charged by the board’s complaint with unprofessional conduct and practicing medicine or osteopathy in a manner that would endanger the health of his patients.

The complaint also contains allegations of “gross or repeated malpractice or negligence and being unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety because of a lack of basic medical knowledge or clinical competency.”
A hearing has been set for May 28 for King to appear before the Medical Licensure Commission, which will rule in the case, according to a story by The Birmingham News.

Whether or not King continues to work as a doctor is not clear.

For a brief period in the fall of 2006, King worked at American Family Care in Birmingham. According to lawsuits filed against King and the clinic, on what should have been routine office visits, his treatment sent one patient into a coma and caused great pain to another.

According to records, King has been licensed in over a dozen states, but has surrendered his license, lost his license, or had his license in at least six. In two other states, he allowed his license to expire.

Message from Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney Ben Glass: hmmmm.. and they say lawyers are responsible for the high cost of medical care??