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Who Is to Pay the Rest of the Bills?

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In a $10 million medical malpractice case, the parties were unable to reach a settlement due to the opposition of the U.S. Attorney’s Office to the demand of the plaintiff, Florencia Lewis.

According to the opposition filed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mikel Schwab, the plaintiff was under the misconception that, in addition to the willingness of the federal government to pay $339,900, the United States was also under obligation to pay the unknown bills from TRICARE, her medical program, which she will submit at a later date.

The suit came about after Lewis allegedly suffered permanent injuries in her left arm and hand as a result of a medical treatment she received at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii in the year 2002. Lewis holds the physicians and health care providers of the government hospital responsible for the injuries.

According to Lewis’ complaint, she flew from Guam to Hawaii in August of 2002 in order to receive treatment for hypertension. While she was at Tripler, she was diagnosed with right-sided renal artery stenosis.
According to Lewis’ attorney, due to problems and complications during the procedures she underwent as treatment, she allegedly sustained injuries to the nerves of her left arm and hand, pain, disability, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Her attorney added that the employees of Tripler failed to obtain the informed consent of Lewis for the procedures which caused the damages.