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What information should be made public?

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The North Carolina Medical Board is looking at how detailed information
should be reported and what the public should be told concerning the records of
doctors’, including medical malpractice judgments.

Some information about providers was detailed by a law enacted last August
to be posted on the Web site of the medical board, but other information was
not specified how to be handled.

Since 2001 any charges and allegations against doctors, as well as disciplinary
action taken by the board, has been posted. Rules are being proposed now which
would include medical malpractice judgments over a seven-year period.

According to Dr. Janelle Rhyne, board president, the goal is to better serve
the public, rather than harm doctors.

However, opponents of the proposed rules say claims are settled for many
reasons, including business decisions by an insurance carrier.

The North Carolina Medical Society is not opposed to malpractice judgments and
settlements being posted, but wants only those resulting in public disciplinary
action to be posted.