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Website to Discouarage Caring for MedMal Victims

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What will they think of next? Here is a website that will publish, in Florida (for now) the names of patients who will have filed, but “not prevailed” in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Under the guise of “this is news” this site is apparently designed to discourage doctors from accepting these patients for care.

But wait… there’s more….

You can have your name listed there even if you sued the doctor, and settled your case out of court! You see, because this database is purportedly derived from public records, they have no way of knowing whether you “lost” your case, or whether the doctor paid you a million dollars. So, if the purpose is to “out” patient who have lost cases, it’s valueless.

The site also encourages patients who have lost to sue their lawyers. So maybe the site is designed to discourage lawyers from getting involved in medical malpractice cases.

The site is www.LitiPages.com .

Here is how the site describes itself:

LitiPages.com is a news media service that specializes in information on the professional liability crisis in America. LitiPages.com also maintains two free databases. The LitiPages.com Attorney Database allows victims of medical malpractice to screen prospective attorneys and, if they so choose, avoid lawyers who consistently fail to obtain jury verdicts for their clients. The LitiPages.com Patient Database allows physicians to identify individuals who have demonstrated unrealistic expectations of the health care system through their participation in a medical malpractice lawsuit whose merit was not supported by a jury verdict. Finally, LitiPages.com also provides informational resources to patients who have been the victims of legal malpractice.

So who is behind this nonsense? A quick check of the WHOIS database indicates that it is an outfit calling itself “Medico-Judicial Online Media, LLC,” P.O. Box 556, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis, KN.

(Nothing popped up on Google for them) Sound impressive? It ain’t. This address is a West Indies, Carribean town, home to many Internet spammers.