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Verdict Against Remicade Manufacturer

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In the world of drug litigation, a jury in Texas ruled that Centocor Inc. negligently and fraudulently failed to warn doctors and consumers about potential side effects of Remicade and must pay almost 20 million dollars to a woman who claims she developed lupus as a result of using Remicade. Hamilton, et al. v. Centocor Inc., et al., No. 03-60526-4 (Texas Ct. at Law No. 4, Nueces Cty.).

In a 5-1 vote on Dec. 13, the Nueces County Court at Law No. 4 jury found that Centocor committed fraud against Patricia Hamilton and that she and her husband were harmed as a result. The trial lasted two and a half weeks.

The jury awarded Patricia Hamilton $3,365,908 in actual damages and $15 million in punitive damages. Thomas Hamilton was awarded $50,000 for loss of consortium and $1 million in punitive damages. Sources said the verdict is believed to be the first-ever involving Remicade.

Note from Virginia personal injury attorney Ben Glass: Remicade is a powerful drug. As with any powerful drug, it has the potential to have powerful side effects. A cursory Internet search found these sites mentioning the Remicade issues.


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As with any drug, you should consult your physician. It also does not hurt to be a well-informed consumer.