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Those Darn Frivolous Malpractice Cases

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Every medical malpractice case is frivolous, right?

Some folks can’t utter the words “malpractice lawsuit” in a sentence that doesn’t include the word “frivolous.”

How much is this one worth?

A retired woman from Germany has filed a medical malpractice suit against a hospital after she went in to undergo a surgical procedure on her leg, but instead was surgically given a new anus, according to U.K. newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The woman woke up after the surgery to discover that there had been a mix-up between her and a patient who had been suffering from incontinence and was to undergo a surgical procedure on her sphincter.

The surgical team that performed the procedure has since been suspended by the clinic in Hochfranken, Bavaria.
The woman now plans on filing a malpractice suit against the hospital. She still requires the surgical procedure on her leg that she initially went to the clinic for. She is currently searching for another hospital to perform the procedure.