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Roanoke Neurosurgeons Critical of Judge

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While going through some of my archives this weekend in preparation for a talk I am giving soon, I ran across this letter that a couple of Roanoke, Virginia neurosurgeons had sent to a local judge following a verdict in a Roanoke medical malpractice case. It shows the type of pressure that judges are under. You can read the letter from the malpractice case and draw your own conclusions, but here are some salient points:

1. These doctors did not attend the trial, nor had they read the transcript
2. The quickly dispense with the facts as being “not important.”
3. The demonstrate a blatant misunderstanding of Virginia medical malpractie law. Perhaps if they had attended the trial and listened to the evidence before criticizing the judge they would have a better picture of what went on.
4. Altthough they call themselves “qualifed” to comment it’s interesting to note that no one asked them to be an expert at the trial!
5. Finally, when you read the judge’s reply letter, you’ll see that the lawyers who defended the case must not have disagreed much with the judge’s decision since there was no appeal taken of the judge’s ruling!

Most importantly is the threat that the judge, by honestly listening to the evidence, has harmed future patients. This is non-sense.