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Preventing Medical Malpractice

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Here’s an interesting list of malpractice prevention tips from a doctor’s blog. I happen to agree with this list but believe most doctors will never go for it.

Look at #2, for example: Giving the patient a detailed record of the visit before they leave the office.

when you leave the car repair store what do you get? A list of everything they did as well as a list of recomended services.

Most lawyers mail clients copies of every piece of correspondence that goes out of the office. (Lawyers could do a better job of documenting the office visit as well.)

Most of the time I sense that doctors feel that patients can’t be “trusted” with too much medical information. That’s why they don’t mail lab results or x-ray reports home.

That’s hogwash.

I can’t tell you how many potential clients come to me, complaining that they had complained about some (now long undiagnosed) symptom to their doctor but, upon looking at the records, they complaint isn’t there.

Now we are into a “he said, she said” situation. The doctor has got to be just as frustrated with that. Other times doctors claim they told a patient about risks but the patient says “no he didn’t.”

Could we solve all that by just giving the patient the copy of the medical record before they leave the office. That way there could be (written) agreement on what was discussed and what was not and correction made if need be.?