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Prescription Errors Still Prevalent in Hospitals

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You would think in this age of technology that we would have eliminated errors in filling prescriptions, especially when the filling is being done in the hospital. Not so. We are looking at a case right now involving a woman who, on her day of discharge, was given medications actually intended for a psychiatric patient. She questioned the nurse, who assured her that the drugs were for her.

They weren’t and the nurse has been fired. Now the hospital administration wants to know why my client has been “talking to a lawyer…” suggesting that people shouldn’t talk to lawyers after they have been hurt in a hospital.

New Jersey medical malpractice attorney Mike Ferrara has a good post at his site about a new study showing almost 12,000 prescription errors, in hospitals, over a seven year period.

Mike says:

These were cases of hospital negligence where either the wrong prescription was given or the wrong dosage of the correct prescription was given. The study coved 400 different hospitals over a seven year period. Even one error is too many.