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Permanent Eye Injury from Unacceptable Treatment

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A medical malpractice suit has been filed in Illinois by Traci Woolfolk against Dr. Wen Chen, alleging that during treatment of her eye issues he deviated from the acceptable standard of care.

According to Woolfolk, on July 18, 2006 she was treated by Chen for uveitis in her right eye. She claims that he treated her with a steroid cortisone injection and sulfa eye drops, a treatment which continued until November of 2006.

Uveitis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. It is estimated to cause ten percent of the cases of blindness in the U.S.

Woolfolk’s suit was filed in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois on July 14.

In court papers, Woolfolk alleges that prior to her treatment she informed and reminded Chen of her allergy to sulfa.

According to Woolfolk, through his careless and negligent administering of a steroid cortisone injection into her right eye, despite knowledge that it would cause or contribute to ocular hypertension in her right eye, Chen disregarded his duties as a reasonably prudent ophthalmologist.

Woolfolk also claims that Chen negligently administered sulfa eye drops despite knowledge of her allergy, failed to diagnose episcleritis, and failed to properly listen to and review history which would have revealed her history of steroid responsive ocular hypertension.

According to Woolfolk, she suffered severe and permanent injuries that resulted in a permanent drooping eye lid, sustained ocular hypertension and episcleritis, and intermittent headaches because of Chen’s negligence. She seeks damages in excess of $100,000 plus costs.