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Pediatric Patients Beware

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Studies published last week by the Journal of the American Medical Association reveal the shocking disclosure that most hospitals and health plans don’t require board certification by those wishing to hold themselves out to the public as “pediatricians.” In the article about hospitals 78 percent of hospitals did not require doctors to be board certified as pediatricians before they were given priviliges to practice as “pediatricians” in their hospitals.

The researchers also found that an astounding 90% of health plans did not make board certification a requirement before being listed in the “preferred provider” list as a “pediatrician.”

What’s the danger?

Whether you are looking for a doctor or a lawyer, board certification is one important measure of expertise and experience. Why would you hire a professional who was not certified in their specialty?

In one Virginia medical malpractice case that our office handled, the orthopedist who put a huge hole in a patient’s hip during hip replacement surgery had flunded his boards 5 times yet he was still allowed to practice. In another case an neurologist who had flunked her board three times allowed a patient to deteriorate to the point of paralysis.

There is never a reason for a patient to accept a non-board certified physician in any major metropolitan area and in most cities in America. But it’s YOUR responsibility to check out your doctor.

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