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New Report: the Medical Malpractice Hoax

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Public Citizen has just published a new report, again exposing the medical malpractice “crisis” for what it is, a big hoax on the American Public. This new report will provide additional ammunition for citizens (particularly like those in Virginia, Texas and Florida) that face some of the most one-side doctor protective legislation in the country.

In a press release, Public Citizen said:

The real problems are a lack of attention to patient safety, the high incidence of preventable medical error and the lack of accountability for a small set of doctors who account for a majority of medical malpractice payments, the report reveals. The report also presents several recommendations for Congress, state governments and hospitals to reduce health care costs and save lives.

Comment from Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney Ben Glass:
I recently had a doctor comment at this site that I was all wrong and that she had left the profession because of people like me. I told her that I don’t hear that (anymore) from the doctors and their families whom I have represented when medical malpractice hits [their] home. I hope this doctor logs back in and reads this new report.