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Malpractice Epidemic? Not!

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Every day its seems that there is another good article coming out that completely debunks the myth that there is an epidemic of medical malpractice claims and lawsuits.

Hey doctors–I know you’ve been overcharged and gouged by the insurance companies. Time to stand up and tell them “show me the data.”

Sandra Boodman of the Washington Post has another good medical malpractice article today, looking at a study just published in the Michigan Law Review.

Bottom line? Doctors win more of these cases than they ought to!

Boodman writes

Doctors, he found, win about half of the cases that independent experts who review them believe should result in a plaintiff’s victory. That juries rule in favor of doctors more often than independent medical reviewers do is particularly surprising, Peter says, “given the documented reluctance of physicians to label another physician’s care as negligent.”