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Jurors Sometimes Ask

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Here is a question we sometimes here from juries:

I was on a medical malpractice jury recently. Although we wanted to find for the plaintiff we were afraid that our verdict would destroy the doctor financially. His wife was sitting in the courtroom during closing arguments and we really felt sorry for them. Will a doctor be destroyed by a medical malpractice verdict?

We often see the doctor’s spouse at trial. Particularly during closing arguments. Insurance companies will try any trick to swing things in their favor (as if they didn’t already have most of the advantages!)

Rest assured that 99.9% of all health care providers (and automobile drivers) are covered in some way by insurance. The lawyers defending in medical malpractice and personal injury cases are paid by the hour by insurance companies and the jury’s verdicts are covered by insurance companies. A single adverse verdict will not hurt a doctor’s career. What you may not know (because the law does not allow you to know) is that the doctor may be a repeat offender. Thus jury verdicts serve a very important purpose in helping the Board of Medicine identify and weed out bad doctors. It is a sad fiction of our law that we do not let juries know the whole truth during trials.