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Info to Patients–What a Novel Idea

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Legislation has been introduced in the Virginia General Assembly that would allow doctors and labs to mail results directly to patients.

Huh?? They can’t do this now? Why not?

It seems like the medical community has never quite figured out that maximum information to the patients is a good thing. Stop being big brother and holding back info because patients won’t understand it.. I can’t tell you how many times critical information is never conveyed to the patient of is incorrectly reported in the medical records.

The proposed legislation is as follows:

House Bill 3061–

Health professions; authority to send laboratory test results directly to patients. Requires any licensed physician who orders a laboratory test or other examination of the physical or mental condition of any person to, if so requested by the patient, inform the laboratory or other facility conducting the test or examination to provide a copy of the report of the results directly to the patient.

Contact your Virginia legislator today and urge support of this bill.