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Florida "Paralyzed" Claimant found Walking (on video)

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Here’s another disturbing story that only makes it harder for legitimate victims of malpractice to have their day in court.
A Florida judge has thrown out a woman’s medical malpractice lawsuit after the judge viewed a video showing the woman walking. This was after the woman had testified in deposition that she couldn’t walk at all after an undiagnosed spinal abscess.

Comments from her lawyers:

He and his firm, Lawlor Winston & Justice, now say their client deceived them. They have asked for and received an opinion from the Bar on how to proceed. Lawlor said the opinion indicated to him he should continue to represent his client in the case.

“She committed fraud on the court,” Lawlor said in an interview. “She committed fraud on me. She committed fraud on my firm, on the doctors. She committed fraud on just about everybody except the defense lawyers.” His firm, he said, had spent “well into the six figures” on the case.

For some reason the defense attorneys had the video for months before showing it to the plaintiff’s attorneys. Not that that was necessarily bad, but it did run up the costs for all parties.

The judge did the right thing here. This lady will be lucky if she avoids jail.