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Doctors Who Rush May Be Missing Something Important

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The New England Journal of Medicine has a great article reporting on a study that shows that the faster a doctor does a colonocopy the more polyps (pre cancer) he misses. No surprise there, is there?

In a study extending over 15 months, 12 experienced gastroenterologists performed 7882 colonoscopies, of which 2053 were screening examinations in subjects who had not previously undergone colonoscopy. The study concluded that there were greater rates of detection of adenomas among endoscopists who took longer to do the exam.

Here’s a link to a doctor who agrees that too much pressure is put on doctors to produce volume and volume medicine may be killing people.

Comment from Fairfax, Virginia medical malpractice attorney Ben Glass: the two major types of medical malpractice cases we see in our office stem from comminication errors and doctors not spending enough time with patients really find out what’s going on. The results of this study are no surprise to us.