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Doctor Caught Reusing Syringes

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It has been discovered that another doctor has been committing medical malpractice by reusing syringes to administer injections to patients. Last fall Dr. Jacob Simhaee, an obstetrician-gynecologist reused syringes while administering flu shots to at least 36 patients.

Simhaee is not the first doctor to commit such an act of medical malpractice. Late in 2007, it was discovered that Dr. Harvey Finkelstein of had reused syringes on several of his patients, infecting them with blood borne diseases.

The New York State Department of Health says that Simhaee is contacting these patients in writing with a letter composed by them. He was asked to sign the letter and will also contact the patients over the phone.
The investigation into the practice of Simhaee was initiated in December after a complaint was filed with the Nassau County Department of Health.

The case of Simhaee was a much quicker response by the state than with the case of Finkelstein. In that case, the state waited three years before they released details to the public and notified approximately 11,000 patients of his reuse of syringes. As a result, thousands of patients were exposed to blood-borne pathogen infections, resulting in transmission of hepatitis C. Finkelstein has more settlements for malpractice than any other pain-management specialist in the Long Island area and, on average, had suits filed against him once or twice yearly.