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Did Endoscopy Center Expose Patients to Hepatitis?

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The Southern Nevada Health District believes that the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada may have exposed up to 40,000 patients to the hepatitis C virus, leading to several medical malpractice suits.

Will Kemp, a class action attorney in Las Vegas, says that he received a call on Wednesday, February 27 from a man fearing he’d contracted the virus at the clinic. Kemp said he first believed the man to be joking before he learned of the epidemic.

Less than 24 hours later, Kemp had filed a class action suit in Clark County’s District Court against the center.
His two Nevada clients, Michael Cordero and Richard Taylor, boy seek payment to cover payments for testing for
hepatitis B and C, as well as damages for pain and suffering.

If class action status is granted by the court, there could be other former patients that become a part of it.
According to Gerald Gillock, another Las Vegas attorney, he wouldn’t be surprised if the case turns out to be the
largest class action medical malpractice case in the history of the state. He said that if the allegations are true,
a number of cases will be filed and once people are tested, “it could be a real tragedy.”