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Congress Not Fooled by Reformers' Cry

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Two proposed federal medical malpractice bills got hammered (again) in Congress yesterday. The arguments of those beholden to the insurance industry are getting tired. Nothing new. Most folks see through their smoke.

What is almost laughable is the position taken by Pennysvlania’s Senator Santorum. What a hypocrite this guy is.
(I’ll have to give him credit, though, for taking a stand even when he knows there is so much stuff out there in the public record to prove that when it came to his family, he didn’t practice what he preaches!)

When his wife was injured by a chiropractor here in Virginia she sued. They argued in briefs about the jury being the only ones who could set damages..

Anyway. I was real curious about the Senator’s wife’s case so I went over to the Fairfax County Courthouse and collected the documents. They are open to the public. Makes for pretty interesting reading.

The Rick Santorum Malractice Case Documents are here. . Just go to the section called “Tort Reform and Tort Reform Hypocrites”