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Brain damaged child settlement

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According to documents filed in a Probate Court in Cuyahoga County, Ohio,
the attorneys for the Cleveland Clinic and the mother of a brain-damaged child
reached a $10 million settlement for a medical malpractice suit on May 1.

Of the settlement amount, Michael Becker, the attorney who represented
Solon, Ohio resident Elizabeth Elia and her 6-year-old son Abram, asked the
court to approve his request of $4 million in legal fees and $430,000 in
medical and legal expenses.

A $15.9 million verdict had been reached by the jury that heard the two-week
trial, but the attorneys settled the case before the verdict form had been
signed. According to Becker, one part of the settlement was for the verdict
forms to remain sealed.

However, the verdict papers were inadvertently placed into the public case
file, revealing the award that would have been one of the largest ever in Cuyahoga County.