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Botched Surgical Procedure for a Couple from Hurricane, West Virginia

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A couple from Hurricane, West Virginia has filed a medical malpractice suit against a doctor who allegedly botched a surgical procedure to remove a thymus gland on the wife.

The suit was filed by Danielle and Jason Fields against Dr. Rebecca Wolfer and University Physicians and Surgeons Inc. in the Putnam County, West Virginia Circuit Court in June.

According to the suit, on April 26, 2006 Wolfer performed the procedure and closed the incision in Fields’ sternum with sternal wires.

According to Fields, she began experiencing pain following the procedure. According to the suit, the pain continued for a period of several months and was “often severe and debilitating.”

According to Field, she told Wolfer of the pain while still in the hospital, but Wolfer did nothing but give her pain medication. The suit claims Wolfer even accused her once of claiming to be in pain for medication.

Fields says she eventually got a second opinion in September of 2006 from Dr. Matthew Harris, who performed radiographic tests. The suit says that the test revealed the cause to have been a medical mistake from Wolfer misplacing sternal wires.

The suit says that the CT scan revealed that two sternal wires projected directly into Fields’ subcutaneous tissue, with one stopping just beneath the surface of her skin.

Fields said Dr. John Howington at the University of Cincinnati performed corrective treatment on October 18, 2006, which resolved the pain.

The Fields’ seek compensatory damages in addition to costs of suit.