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A Block to Valid Malpractice Claims in Texas

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My friend, Texas personal injury lawyer, Bob Kraft has updated everyone at his blog on the effects of the drastic tort reform in Texas. It’s no surprise that in an effort to weed out “frivolous” claims they’ve thrown out the bathwater with the baby. Now, even meritorious claims aren’t being filed since the Republican legislature took it upon themselves to virtually immunize bad doctors.

Every once in a while I have a doctor approach me to ask me to represent them or their family in a medical malpractice claim It’s rather ironic when I explain to them what Virginia’s tort reform has done to make their claim extremely difficult. To a person they have always claimed that they “didn’t think tort reform was a good idea” but their insurance companies scared them into supporting it.

Virually everyone thinks that “limiting verdicts” is a terrific idea until it happens to them.