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17 Arrested in California "Rent a Patient" Scam

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The L.A. Times is reporting that three physicians in Orange County, California have been arrested for doing unnecessary surgery. This isn’t like the other California horror described in Coronary: A True Story of Medicine Gone Awry (where unsuspecting victims were subjected to unnecessary heart surgery.)

No, these “patients” were allegedly recruited to be patients! Apparently 17 have been arrested in this “rent a patient” scam.

Michael C. Chan, a Cerritos obstetrician, William W. Hampton, a Seal Beach surgeon, and Mario Z. Rosenberg, a Beverly Hills gastroenterologist stand charged with performing more than 1,000 unneeded procedures on 940 patients, then billing the duped insurance companies companies $30 million for the surgeries!

Well, we new that insurance company reimbursements to doctors were crappy, but we didn’t know they were that bad!. I mean, how do you even attempt to hide this? Offer “free plastic surgery? A Tuesday “Gallbladder Special?”