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Arlington County School Bus Crash When Drive Becomes Unconcious

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Sometimes, sudden unexpected emergencies do happen.

According to police from Arlington County,
after the driver suddenly became unconscious, a school bus crashed into a
parked vehicle. The accident occurred on the morning of Monday, April 14 when a
bus traveling to the Potomac School in McLean drove
off of the road on westbound Williamsburg
near Glebe Road.

Police spokesperson John Lisle said that the bus entered a
private yard and struck a vehicle that was parked in the driveway at a speed of
30 miles per hour.

None of the children on the bus were harmed. According to
Lisle, the driver received transport to a hospital to discover whether or not a
preexisting medical condition caused her to lose consciousness.

I’m sure that the investigation will include looking at the driver’s past medical history and use of medications. If the driver knew or should have known that he/she was at risk for unconsciousness, then there may be liability for any personal injuries or property damage.

On the other hand, if this was totally unexpected, there may be no valid claims here.