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20 Year Wati for Lead Poisoning Justice

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Congratulations to our friend and lead poisoning litigation expert, Richard Serpe.
On October 14th, 2007 Serpe a jury awarded one of his lead poisoning victims a $1,500,000 verdict.

Chauncey Freeman was poisoned as a two year old, but it was not until he was almost 20 years old that he sought out Serpe to pursue the idea of a claim. The case was filed just before Chauncey’s 20th birthday, and the verdict came in almost exactly 20 years after he was poisoned.

This is only the second verdict in that State of Virginia for a lead poisoning victim, and a superb result. The first verdict was also one of Serpe’s cases.

According to Serpe, the testing of the lead paint on the property found only two samples that were over the Building Code’s definition of lead-based paint. There was only ONE blood test result for Chauncey, so there was no proof of chronic exposure to lead paint. Furthermore, although the health department did an inspection for lead in 1986, NO copy of the inspection report was provided to the landlords, who had no idea that there was lead paint, or a lead poisoned child, on the property.

The defendants in Richard’s case were retired master chiefs in the Navy who owned the property for only about 10 months before deciding to get out of the landlord business. They did not know anything about the lead problem until they were served with the lawsuit almost 20 years after they had sold the property.
At trial the jury accepted that ADHD, IQ loss, learning disability and behavioral problems to childhood lead poisoning.

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