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See, Insurance Companies Will Stop At Nothing–Absolutely Nothing to Delay and Hinder Justice

Let’s say you are an insurance company that insures building owners. A major fire breaks out and three people die. They don’t die from burns, though…they die from inhaling the toxic smoke.

Ben Glass

Contract Security Firm May be Liable for Injury

According to a ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals, retailers who hire security firms in to patrol their premises can be held liable if a customer receives a personal injury. The judges acknowledged that firms who hire independent contractors for such jobs generally cannot be sued for the activities of the employees of that contractor. However, according to Judge Garve Vásquez, that changes…

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A federal court in Richmond has thrown out a lawsuit against a NASCAR racetrack and another occupier of the property based on the plaintiff’s “contributory negligence.” A federal court in Richmond, Virginia has thrown out a personal injury lawsuit against a NASCAR racetrack and another occupier of the property based on the plaintiff’s “contributory negligence.” According to published reports…

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You will not be able to get scallions from Taco Bell any time soon after it reported that testing suggested that the green onions may be responsible for the e. coli outbreak that has made more than 40 people sick in three states. In a press release Taco Bell said that preliminary testing by an independent lab found three samples of green onions that appear to have a dangerous strain of the…

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Slip and fall on ice case settles for $100,000.00.

According to published reports, in this Prince William County personal injury case the plaintiff fell on ice at the exit to a car wash. Precipitation had stopped the day before the accident and some of the ice was caused by run off from the car wash. The plaintiff claimed that the proprietor of the car wash had ample time to clear the ice. The plaintiff had $21,000.00 in medical bills…

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The only good kind of slip and fall case.

We often get calls about people who have slipped and fallen in stores. Generally the cases are of two types. The more common case occurs when some food or drink has been left on the floor and the customer slips, falls and hurts himself. These cases are actually pretty difficult because we must prove first that the store knew or had enough time to have known, that there was a foreign object on…

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Dog Bite Law in Virginia

What happens if you are bitten or attacked by a dog and suffer injury in Virginia? The answer may depend on what county you live in.The general law in Virginia is that a dog owner owes no duty to another absent knowledge of the propensity of the dog to attack or bite. This is known as the “common law” duty of a dog owner. We call it “every dog gets one free bite.”However, if your county has…

Ben Glass

Supreme Court: Innkeeper Liable For Guests' Injuries

The owner and operator of a Holiday Inn Express in Roanoke, Virginia, claimed that it could not be liable for injuries sustained by a guest when that guest was robbed and injured in its parking lot. The guest was shot and his infant daughter, who was still in the family car, was abducted. The trial court had dismissed the case, finding that a Virginia hotel does not owe duty to a guest to…