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Ben Glass

Anesthesia Medical Malpractice

Did you know that a medical error committed by an anesthesiologist can be graver than a medical error committed by a surgeon? As strange as it sounds, the surgeon’s blade may not be the most…

Ben Glass

Surgeons Involved in Half of All Medical Malpractice Suits in US

It is well known that surgery is never without risks. Whenever anesthesia and surgical procedures are involved, the possibility of something unforeseen occurring is always present. However, a bad…

Ben Glass

Surgeon Fled to Greece, Still Found Guilty of Negligence

A fugitive surgeon who formerly ran a sinus clinic has been found guilty of medical malpractice in a patient’s death.

In 2004, 50-year-old Phyllis Barnes died of throat cancer, but Dr. Mark…

Ben Glass

Emergency Room Medical Malpractice

Emergency rooms are typically the places in hospitals which are the most
crowded, but drastically understaffed. This can lead to instances of medical
malpractice due to any of the…

Ben Glass

Q & A – Can a Pregnant Woman File Suit?

Q. A pregnant woman became concerned that her fetus
was not moving and left several messages for her vacationing obstetrician.
Because the woman’s calls were not answered, she eventually…

Ben Glass

Former Doctor Suing HCA

A former doctor from West Virginia
who is currently faced with dozens of medical malpractice suits has filed a
suit of his own against the former Putnam
General Hospital.

The suit…

Ben Glass

Permanent Eye Injury from Unacceptable Treatment

A medical malpractice suit has been filed in Illinois by Traci
Woolfolk against Dr. Wen Chen, alleging that during treatment of her eye issues
he deviated from the acceptable standard of…

Ben Glass

Staten Island Man Receives Settlement

A settlement has been reached in a medical malpractice case
involving a man from Staten Island,
New York who alleged that a
doctor failed to remove all of a tumor, resulting in additional,…

Ben Glass

Botched Surgical Procedure for a Couple from Hurricane, West Virginia

A couple from Hurricane, West Virginia has filed a medical malpractice
suit against a doctor who allegedly botched a surgical procedure to remove a
thymus gland on the wife.

The suit was…

Ben Glass

Negligent Treatment at an Air Force Base Causes Woman to File Suit

A woman who filed a medical malpractice suit against the U.S. Government after necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating infection, virtually destroyed her arm due to the negligent treatment of military…